Hey guys, I searched around but couldn't find any straight answer. I have a seagull original s6 and over this winter, I moved to a house that had constant heating on. My room was extremely dry and so after a few months, I decided that I just might need to humidify my guitar. I bought a small sound hole humidifier and started to keep it in my case all the time with the humidifier. A week into humidifying. I started getting fret buzz for the high e string and b string around 5-8 frets. I had set up my guitar to have fairly low action with no fret buzz prior to this winter and it played fine. I tried relieving the truss rod and it moves around down 3-6 frets. Is this uneven fretting? Or just a swelled up neck? Am I being too afraid to give it enough neck relief or is this a fret issue? And should I raise the action by buying a new bridge (bc mine right now was sanded to have nicer action) Thanks.
If the guitar has dried out and the conditions are still dry, it will take more than one DampIt to rehydrate the guitar. It could take two or three of them with the guitar inside the case.

Don't make any adjustments to the guitar until it is properly humidified. You should read up on learning how to "read" your guitar for proper hydration.

Your best bet is a room humidifier, which is what I use here. I maintain between 40% and 50% RH, depending on the outside air temperature.