Hey guys! I just got my new electronic drum set and have been trying to learn drums. Only problem is I'm on the 2nd floor of an apartment. Even when I have my drums turned way down or playing through headphones I'm getting complaints.

It's a Simmons SD 500, with the bass pedal beater facing towards the ground so I'm pretty sure that's what they're hearing. Any sound proofing ideas, or something I can put under the pedal, preferably that wouldn't effect playing?

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Build yourself a floating riser, or Roland makes decoupling pieces for this purpose, but I'm not sure how good they are...

Easiest method is to get two pieces of plywood that will fit your whole kit on it. Drill a bunch of holes like swiss cheese in it and then put tennis balls in the holes. Place the second board on top and it should act as a floating surface that'll carry less of the bass sound from the velocity of the beater and your foot on the ground.

Google "Tennis Ball Drum Riser" for pics and tutorials.
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That looks like it'll help, thanks! No clue how it doesn't slide around like crazy, but I'll google it and make it work
"When that day comes I shall Futterwacken ... vigorously."
~ The Mad Hatter