This question actually pertains to a pedalboard I want to make.
Here goes: on the pedalboard there will be a EHX Stereo Memory Man with (logically) a stereo output. What I would like to have on the pedalboard is 3 different outputs.

Two (L+R) outputs that basically act as an extension of the pedal and one mono output that combines both signals. in between these outputs and the pedal I would like to have a switch where I can basically switch between stereo and mono.

The problem I have with this is that my solution to this was to simply implement a killswitch for the Right channel signal so it would only utilize the left channel (the mono output), sounds easy enough, but I am worried that the pedal will still output in stereo and thus in mono it will disregard the right channel entirely so for example ping pong delay will be a normal delay but with a much bigger interval in between echoes.

Is there a way to switch to mono while still keeping the right channel intact, basically combining both signals into one output, and is there a switch capable of doing that? Or was my initial idea correct and is the pedal 'smart' enough to realize the right channel isn't actually in use?

I understand that some people will scratch their heads and basically ask why not just use a stereo to mono cable so I won't have to mess around with switches but I am also genuinely interested if the switch is actually possible. Plus, it will give a very unique twist to the pedalboard and I would prefer to not mess around with cables for certain gigs and just adjust it with a litteral flick of a switch (in other words: my ego is too big to not find out if this works)

Any help is appreciated greatly!
You're correct. The pedal doesn't listen for two signals, it just looks to see if there's a jack in the second channel, and switches to stereo if there is. So you can't just mute the channel and have mono.

The good news is that it's easy to fix. You just need a pedal that will sum both signals when stomped. I don't know of a commercially made pedal that does this, but it would be very easy to make yourself. You wouldn't even need three cables, you could do it with two. The output would be just like your pedal's input; one cable is either mono or one channel of stereo, the other is either muted or the second channel of stereo. You could either switch it with the jack or put it on the footswitch. I can make a diagram for you later if you need.
Quote by Roc8995
You could either switch it with the jack or put it on the footswitch. I can make a diagram for you later if you need.

That would be fantastic!
Just out of personal preference the option to put it on/into the footswitch sounds like the way to go! I have no drawing skills when it comes to diagrams so any help would definitely be appreciated. Thanks again!
Well, it's not pretty but you get the idea. I figured you wouldn't really need LEDs since you could just label the switch, but if you wanted to turn this into a stompbox you'd just need a TPDT stomp switch and the power/LED components.

Out L is the mono summed jack, forgot to label it in the diagram.
I really can't thank you enough, you are also right about not needing the LED, labeling (or not even that) will suffice. I have to say it one last time: thank you!