Does anyone else like the Black Veil Brides? I never had listened to them much until recently but I think their music is extremely good. A lot of people seem to put them down because of their appearance but i think that's unfair.
They're put down because of their attitude, not because of anything else IMO.

But no, not a fan.
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i don't like their image, too outlandish, weird and dark for me. they're descent musicians though, i recognize their skill...not my type...

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i love black veil brides. i don't care what people have to say about them, they can go **** themselves if they really think the shit that they say. if you have a problem with a band, thats fine, but dont **** it up for someone else.
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As a college male, I'm in the minority when I say this, but I love BVB. I got into them in high school by accident/luck (they were an ad before a song I really wanted to listen to). I really like them because of their diminished, major 5th's, harmonic minor, and other stuff like that they use, almost some of their solos sound very neo-classical, which I love. I ignore what everyone says about them and that they make fun of me for loving them. I don't "fanboy/girl" love them; I love their music. One of the biggest reasons I like them is that they are "shreddy," guitar centric without the metal/deathcore screams. And they got me into many other bands. Many bands in the 80's got put down cause of their looks. Bvb has toned it down a bit with their image.