Hey all.

Would it be possible for one of you to have a quick look for me and give me an idea of what these power chords are so I can play them accurately?

The tab I have (I'm not on guitar pro yet) doesn't say the chords and I'm a total beginner so its not reliable for me to guess where his hands are in the video. (i've never played any power chords in my life only C Em D G F etc XD )

Here is the video and time ...


Er...that looks like the only part I need help with for now ... haven't got any further

Here is my 3 day progress lol:


Thanks ever so much.

Ohh, another qiuck question, when I try out the pole thing (whammy bar?) it bangs against the side of the guitar at the point where the metal extends from the guitar (pickup?) surface; does it need to be tightened up or replaced or some padding under it or something? Can probably just google this. (fyi my guitar is a 2nd hand Ivanez GSA 60 with apparently a humbucker pickup)

3rd question: regarding the first 2 notes (14 fret D string -> 17 fret D string) ,

the guy in video uses his pinky finger to hit the 2nd note whereas I seem to find it much easier to use my 3rd finger. Is there a reason he uses his pinky finger here? (in other places I can identify how his fingering makes fingering easier but I can't identify it in this spot. its probably that he has small hands and a strong little finger so its preferable to him by default)

Er, 4th question...am I supposed to be pressing down with the very tips of my fingers? And to do this I need to rotate my wrist like under the guitar a lot? Currently I'm just pressing most notes with the flats of my finger and nowhere near the "very tips". If I try to play the first 2 notes of the song with my very tips, there's no way I can hit the 2nd note without using my pinky - also my hand is rotated massively under the guitar by comparison to how I have it usually...!
The other spot this is noticeable is when the guy in video plays the 14th fret A (lowest note) at
he uses his little finger I think whereas I find it easier to use my 3rd finger but in doing so i'm not using the tip of my finger and have it more flat

EDIT ok I uploaded a quick clip showing how my fingers look (awesome online webcam recorder website!). Does my fingering look too flat fingered or is it ok? Thanks lol. Like I said this is brought to my attention coz the guy in the video uses his little finger in places that I don't feel like it helps me and I suddenly thought maybe I have flat fingers and my wrist is in the wrong place.........


see at 26s the guy in video uses his little finger whereas i use my 3rd finger....
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Those power chords are on E, F#, G and A. Your lack of pinky usage is somewhat of a bad habit; try to train your little finger as much as all the others. You'll need it for the hard stuff. And yes, the top of your fingers is definitely preferable, because that gives you greater control when you want to let strings ring.
you can download tux guitar for free and it will play guitar pro files
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how long have you been playing? that piece seems to be a fair bit above your skill level at this point. don't get me wrong i applaud your trying i just don't want you to get to frustrated.

when playing leads finger positioning is important to keep the lead flowing. sometimes using a finge other than the first will help keep your hand positioned for the following notes. this is one thing that tab doesn't tell you.

you don't need to use the very tips of your fingers but leaving them to flat will get in your waywhen trying to play fluid and faster. it also can muffle the strings which you are definitely doing.

whammy bar stuff takes practice so just practice with it it will come

if you haven't learned barre chords ( power chords are a variation on them) then take the time to do so. it's hard and hand cramping to begin with but after a while it will come naturally and be a breeze.

don't push your self to much guitar takes time to learmn and if you try to bite off more than you can chew it will lead to frustration. i've been playing for over 30 years and still have a lot to learn. (feel free to check my profile for some of my playing)
Thankyou everyone

I figured that my default is to use my 3rd finger for a 4th fret because it is way stronger than my pinky and reaches adequately and feels way better than using the pinky.

After trying for a while I see that the 4th finger does align with the 4th fret so I can imagine if it is equal in strength then it will be optimal to use it here rather than my 3rd finger. (unless the fingers are needed elsewhere)

With this in mind I have re-learnt, trying to use 4th finger a hell of a lot more (took an hour to record this lol fml)


I've been playing for 3 days now!! But I have done that thing in the past a few times where you pick up a cheap acoustic and try to learn for a week then forget about it completely, so I know some open chords.

I decided to go with this as my first thing because a) my fingers ****ing hurt too much to do something like chords/power chords and I find this is way easier on my fingers b) I love it c) it looks like its going to be great training for building finger strength and speed/dexterity d) its melodically simple and easy enough to follow to not be too frustrating to learn

When my fingers stop stinging like a mother****er I will happily pick up something more normal to start to learn to play chord progressions

Someone suggested I look at Rocksmith 2014 when I want to start dabbling in different random songs...I'm guessing there's a thread on your forum about this already but it's something I thought about checking out coz I'm really bad at variety, only know a few songs like linken park, pink floyd, wishbone ash, vocaloid/anime songs, the offspring and the thought of being prompted to learn random stuff seems interesting variety

anyway i better go to bed or ill be doing this all night again lol
wait, are you supposed to strum up and down during guitar solos? not just down? what??
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wait, are you supposed to strum up and down during guitar solos? not just down? what??

ummm...... yeah it's called double picking. dude you really need to take some time to learn the basics. i understand that that can be boring but it will help you a lot. listening to your vids can be a bit hard on the ears. a valiant effort yes but you lack of technique is painfully obvious. you need to learn to walk before you can run. learn some chrds and learn basic scales like the pentatonic. when you do learning songs will make much more sense and come easier. 3 days well you are ambitious if nothing else
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alternate picking fml i was almost pro

alternate picking is another name (more commonly used than double picking but i'm an old fart)