I am fairly new to songwriting and I am looking for tips on how to find inspiration for songs. Blessings
That's a very hard question to answer, but also a very good one.

How are you feeling? How were you feeling yesterday? How do you think you'll feel tomorrow? What's happening? What's happening next week? How do you feel about that? Who's making you happy right now? Who's pissing you off? What's the weather like? What did the president eat for breakfast this morning? Do you have pets? What are their names? Do you talk to them? What's your least favorite song? If you could re-write it to make it personally meaningful to you, what would you change? Seen any good movies lately? Do you like paintings? Who's your favorite painter? If you could go on vacation to one place in the world where would it be? What was the happiest moment of your life? How did that come to be? How often do you think of it? Do you still know your first girlfriend? What's she doing now? Have you ever stepped in dog shit? Smashed something to pieces for no reason? Tell us about that. Have you ever caused a car accident on purpose? Have you ever eaten wild mushrooms in the woods and worried about whether you were going to puke your guts out but then you were fine? Did your cashier at McDonald's smell terrible when you went to get breakfast last week but they were out of english muffins?

The amazing thing about writing with words is that you are literally unlimited in what you can say. Don't take yourself too seriously and don't force things. Ask questions and answer them. Sometimes ask questions and then don't answer them. Don't be afraid.

When you write something, post it here and share! There are plenty of people here who would love to help you out.
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Here are some thoughts:

Like most things in life it's 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Song writing is rarely if ever some magic inspiration, it's hard but satisfying work. You need to write a lot and save everything. Write lyrics or even just lyric ideas because even one good line may be the start of a good song idea down the road. Buy some cheap spiral notebooks and start writing. Get something that you can grab and easily record ideas on like a Tascam hand held recorder. Again save everything.

I also recommend you go to a bookstore and buy a rhyming dictionary. There are several different ones but they are very useful. If they have none in stock, order one. They are cheap (under $15.00).

Open your horizons to new styles of music. Things you normally would not listen to. You'll find ideas and inspiration in other areas of music you are not familiar with. You may hear changes in chord structures that you can bring into a project you are working on.

Create in haste, edit at leisure. By that I mean write a complete song then go back and make changes. Then let it alone for a few days and go back and edit it again.
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Cheap notebooks are a good idea.

Rhyming dictionary is an okay idea, but don't waste your money when it's free online. It's 2015 now, we are firmly in the 21st century.
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black