Over distorted harmony: What is the cause?

When I play harmony on my electric guitar through a high gain/drive setting, with a lot of distortion it always sounds horrible and causes a lot of irritating noises. It doesn't make the same noise when I just play singular notes, but when I add a second note over another note when trying to play harmony on a riff it just sounds really bad.

I know distortion and gain are supposed to have an edge to it, but this just sounds really bad. It just sounds like a chain saw or a garbage truck, just rattling and buzzing and really piercing. Are there any specific settings I can use to reduce the amount of unwanted noise when trying to play harmony?

I have an Epiphone Special SG Model playing through garage band amps. I know it's kind of a crappy guitar, but should it be sounding this bad?

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Sounds like you need to intonate.

Ah, yes. Just checked it and it does seem to be a bit off. Especially the b and g. I will make some adjustments and see if that helps.