Hello everyone, I have a Tubeman mk1, the first version. I use it through the exit "to guitar amp", passing through distortion and fuzz, directly to the input of the amplifier (a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe).
I put in the send return chorus delay and reverb.
I have read, however, being a preamplifier, it would be better to let the Tubeman in return, through the exit "to Power amp". But in this case where I put delay etc.? I would use the Tubeman primarily as overdrive! Thank You!
Distortion/fuzz > Tubeman > chorus/delay/reverb > Effects return

You'd be bypassing the preamp of the Deluxe and using the Tubeman as your preamp. If you don't like it, you can go back to using the regular input. It's not like it hurts anything
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It would work well with the pedal off, going from return?
The purpose for which I would use the pedal is to make the overdrive.
It would be better to buy another pedal? Now is perhaps a little 'sacrificed, and above all it seems to me not "be at ease."
I saw that the second version has no output "to guitar amp", you say that this counts for something? I would not want to have little manageability, rather I buy an overdrive.
Thanks for the reply