Hey guys, been a while:

Been busy with one of my 'side' projects King Quazi - basically a alternative style hip-hop duo consisting of myself (production side) and one of my friends (lyricist/rapper/singer). Kinda in the vein of Gorillaz as well as people like Action Bronson. May seem quite left of field for this forum but I figured it's also quite open minded here!

Anyway we've just released a 15 track mixtape and one of the tracks later on is one of my favourites so I was looking for some feedback! Anything from production to the musical/lyrical content of the track would be great, like always you leave me a comment and I'll check out your stuff.


Dude, right off the bat im amazed. LOVE THE HORNS!!! Once the vocals started, I was even more surprised, the guy rapping is great! Im not a big standard hip hop fan, but this kind of gorillaz flavored stuff I love. Great all around. You need to promote the hell out of this. I could see this being a HUGE HUGE song. I know im going to listen to this again. Everything about is was sick. Im amazed man!!!
Really dig the track, especially the horns, and the sample breakdown! The MC has great flow.

The only thing that really stands out to me is that the drums could use some compression and saturation to get a really fat hip-hop drum sound.

Maybe duplicate the drum channel or bus them to an aux send that has a lot of compression/saturation and then gradually mix that heavily compressed signal back in with original drum channel until you find a good balance between the two. Sort of a parallel compression trick that can really help fatten up your drum tone.

Good work!!

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As already said, the horns sound great. I usually try to focus on what should be changed, but I can't find much here. I think you should have done some extra vocal tracks during the verses, whether they be doubles or some counterpoint, like this verse. Otherwise, my only complaint is that it's a little repetitive. Since the instruments are looped so much, I really think some variation from extra melodies or vocal tracks could make a difference.

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okay man....this aint bad..but I just didn't care for it..no hook to this...way too spaced out...seems incomplete...not good man...I would tighten it up..maybe it shorter and repeat a certain line/hook over a few times...if u look at most famous hip hip songs they have this...not bad though man...just not good either...just being honest..i think u know you guys can do way better..this is a below average track. crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1672514