I love trip-hop, so this track was definitely right up my alley.

I like all the tones and the songwriting, my only thought was that there could be some more separation between the instruments to give the mix extra clarity.

A useful trick to consider is to use highpass filters on instruments to cut out unnecessary low end frequencies that might muddy up your mixes. Playing with panning on instruments can help as well. Just my 2 cents!

Good Work Chris!

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As I listen:

I like the staccato melody that comes in on the third repeat of the intro progression.

You've got some AWESOME sounds going on, and I love the chill vibe. My only problem is, I think this could be a lot more immersive. I think you should try panning some of the ambiance and melodies a little more. If you want put a melody off to one side without losing it's presence on the other, you can put a 100% wet reverb or delay copy on the other side (though you may want to filter it down to just the parts of the sound you want doubled).

It also sounds like there's a little bit too much hum or bass going on during the first chord on each repeat of the progression; not sure what it is, but something sounds a little muddy.

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