So, about 2 years ago I bought an Art Power Plant at a flea market for 30 bucks and it's been sitting ever since. It works as intended but I haven't had a real use for it. But now, I think I might. I just have a few questions.

I've always used a modelling amp for as long as I can remember, but recently switched over to a Tiny Terror. I love it because of it's crunchy tones, but it's cleans are super quiet. So, I was thinking... Could I use the Art Power Plant with a power amp to cover my clean tones? And is there another piece of gear I could add so that I could switch from one amp running to my cab to another? Like, have both plugged into one piece of equipment, and that piece of equipment controls which is "active" with the press of a button?

My final question is, if this isn't a good idea, would it be a good idea to use the Power Plant as a cheap alternative to a real bass amp head. It could save me some money for the time being, as I need a decent bass set up for practices, and really only have the money for a bass cab at the time.