Been listening to a lot of Vektor recently? :P Same sort of riff style.

Pretty strong song, would like to hear a good solo.

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ill start off by saying "overall, pretty damn tasty!"

i personally think there should be more variety in the drums. also, i personally think the section starting on measure 109 should have continuous double bass. ya know, for that heavy heavy stuff we metalheads dig ;D

also, for the section starting on measure 117, why is one guitar playing 8th notes when the other is playing 16th? its an odd rhythmic clash

speaking of rhythmic clashes, why so many random triplets? the parts on measures 57,65,108,116,the whole mess of them in that section starting on 165, and etc. would sound much better and less awkward (in my opinion) as dotted 8th notes (followed by a regular one).

overall, not bad. pretty sweet thrash song, especially the opening riff, and the one on measure 50. keep at it dude!