So I bought the ultimate-guitar app cuz it seemed fun and easy to use. Today I wanted to upgrade it, soI paid the 6.99 cuz it was a special offer, but nothing happend and I just lost money. Where can I complain bout that ? Sorry, I dont know much bout the website, so possibly my post is in the wrong section.
I had a (maybe) related problem. I purchased the pro app on iPad after just a few days of the free trial. Today I was billed for a monthly subscription. What gives? I paid to own the app--there should not be any monthly subscription fees. I figured I would try for an answer here before I have to go to Apple for recourse.
Hi nie96,
It looks like that you have purchased Tab Pro, Guitar Tools and Tab Tools in-apps for your Tabs app.

Tab Pro is an interactive Tablature format, similar to Guitar Pro or Power Tab. When you purchase Tab Pro as in-app addon to Ultimate Guitar Tabs, you will get access to Tablatures in this interactive format within the application. There are over 200K tabs in the Tab Pro format, however it doesn't mean that all tabs, available in the text format will be in Tab Pro as well. Nevertheless we are constantly adding new tabs to the list.

To start using Tab Pro application you can do either of the following actions:

1. Search for your favorite song, for example "Wonderwall" by Oasis, then open a tab in the Tab Pro section of available tabs for that song.

2. Open top 100 tabs section and filter by the tab pro using dropdown menu.

You can also add these tabs to Favorites for offline usage.

Tab Tools are just additional functions to Ultimate Guitar Tabs app and they won't appear as something obvious on your home screen. Tab Tools include the following options: Formatted Tabs, Custom Fonts, Air Print. These options can be found on the upper toolbar of a tab page. Please see the link
Hi hite.spencer,

Can you possible confuse Tab Pro app and Tab Pro HD app.
There are two different apps (with separate fee) available for Apple products: Tab Pro for iPhone/iPod and Tab Pro HD for iPad.
But you can also download Tab Pro for iPhone/iPod on your iPad for free. Please open App Store app > choose "iPhone only" filter in upper toolbar > find our Tab Pro app for iPhone and install it for free using the same Apple ID, that was used for purchase.
Tab Pro app for iPhone costs $2.99, it's one-time fee.
Additionally I need to tell that Tabs HD app provides text tabs and Tab Pro HD offers interactive tabs in Tab Pro format (similar to Guitar Pro and Power Tab). But new version of Tabs HD supports Tab Pro files too as in-app purchase. Butn this apps are require different susbcriptions.
The Brain tuner isnt working well for me, only the A and the G string for Standard tuning make a sound the others do not
I have a problem . I use my ipod at gigs back in feb my search engine quit working told me I need to update. I downloaded the update it said installing , I go back to the app when finished and it still says I need to update. This only happens when I try to search I still have all my favorates saved and they work. I tried to restore , no change. Thx baker711