Hi guys, I know i havent made a guitar video for a while, ive been super busy with my band and work, among other things. Finally had a little time to sit down and jam out something for the JTC solo contest. Had fun doing it! Id love to hear what you guys think of it!!! Any crit/advice would be appreciated!!

As always, I will gladly C4C!


Jake P
Hey, looks like you made an interesting solo there. My favorite part is 0:34-0:44 that tapping and wide slide sounds so catchy, my least favorite is a little part from 0:31 to 0:33. It has some kind of "robotic" feeling and because of that it's not so good compared to other parts. Overall you made an awesome work, good luck in a contest!
Thanks for the advice on my covers I'm actually working on being more efficient with my picking at the moment because it's definitely slowing me down so it's cool you mentioned that . For R U Mine I used my Yamaha thr5, I can't remember what setting I used I tend to just fiddle around till I like the tone but i use it quite a lot.

I don't feel qualified to advise other people yet on their playing.. but it sounds great to me, I think the melodies were interesting and highlighted the chord progression well and your technique looked good too.

Good luck with the contest!
Yep... clean and articulate execution. good tonalities and use of a couple of different techniques. Out of taste I was wanting to hear a quick shred line to link techniques.... maybe that's just my inner Malmsteen wanting to get out.

An accomplished musician... good work.

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Wow, had to listen the track like 3-4 times before i got to the reply section Really nice techinque, clean and tidy. Very good melodies, I heard some phrygian and some cool minor scales. Damnnnnn, I really like your style, you didnt go full shred like other metal guitarists if they have no other ideas, nicely thought out solo, I give you props for that. Interesting solos > shred wanker solos 11 points out of 10
Hey man, thanks for the crit!:

Pretty nice solo man, you build it up really well with no tasteless shredding either! All very well thought out, especially digging the little tap slides near the beginning. Very tasteful use of chromatics during sections which worked pretty awesome. Liking the big hook at 1:06ish with the harmonies too - would be interested to hear some of your playing in your band's context!