Was roamin looking for licks and stumbled across link removed and wonder if anyone has used it?
It's a paid site but if there be licks it might be worth it.

I would never join a paid site for licks. I'm sure you can find tons all over the internet, and aside from that I think it's better to just learn from artist's that you actually enjoy than some random person on the internet.

Learn some of your favorite artist's music and when you notice a lick pay attention to how and when it was used and what effect it had.
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It's a paid site but if there be licks it might be worth it.

Or you could just, you know, learn from recordings of artist you like and learn things in an actual musical setting.
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I'm amazed you found that site as I just googled "guitar licks" and it doesn't appear anywhere on the first few pages of results.

Also it's weird how when I looked up the domain registration here the admin email is listed as zmarc101@yahoo.com - how much of a coincidence is that?

Your pathetic attempt to pass it off a site you just happened upon means you get extra honesty - your site is a shitty idea, nobody's going to be stupid enough to pay for things that are free all over the internet and you've got no hope in hell of ever establishing enough domain authority to have it rank high enough for anyone to find it.

2/10 must try harder
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