Saw this on local classifieds, but don't know much about it. He's only asking $25, but anybody have info on it or how much it's worth?

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I'd be willing to bet its not worth much. At $25 it's not exactly a steep risk. As much as I love my G3, Zoom has put out some horrifying pedals. I vaguely remember seeing one of those years ago, so I doubt its newer, better tech. I'd say, if you have nothing now, sure, why not? But if you have any drive pedals at all, its probably not gonna be an upgrade. But, again, $25, can't ask for much.

Slightly to the side but, if you're looking for a good distortion that pairs well with a Tubescreamer, check out the MI Audio Crunch Box. The Super Crunch Box is out now so the Crunch Box is a bit cheaper than it was. I've been infatuated with mine since the day I got it, its the perfect distortion to my ears and its incredibly versatile, its the only drive pedal I've used in the past month.
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