Thanks Aaron, made the whole thing from scratch. Used midi pads to play in the drums/perc, midi keyboard for the bass/keys/synths and to trigger the vox samples, and then used my guitar to record direct in to my audio interface.

Thanks for letting me know that the audio quality was good and for checking out my tunes.

I checked out your site and left you a comment on your thread.


Thanks for the crit on my song!

Normally I don't listen to this type of music but I actually really liked this. Very cool vibe. I also really enjoyed all the different textures all the different instruments added to it. Sounds professional on a production level. Good job man, keep doing what you're doing!
Hey man, thanks for the useful feedback, definitely gonna try that method when I'm next mixing drums for our future stuff:

Which brings me onto your track and I'm immediately noticing how well it's mixed (especially the drums!). Really liking your style man, experimental hip-hop styles definitely agree with me. You've used samples really well in the track and you've done a great job mixing natural sounds with electronic/sampled sounds, so kudos for that.

I'll follow you on our soundcloud (King Quazi), I'd be really interested at possibly collaborating on a track with you man if you'd be up for it! I can definitely see our MC digging this style.