SkycastRadio has approached me a few times on my twitter account. Some of their responses happen in seconds, and seem to include automated "compliments". Is this some sort of scam to get me to pay money to promote my music? Or what has your experience been with them?

BTW, anyone interested in hearing my music can hear it at this link:

Is this just a scam to make me listen to your music?
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No. Since this forum is "Promote YOUR Band", I thought I'd add my link. My primary reason for starting this thread is finding out about SkycastRadio.
Well it would appear Skycast Radio is a good thing. I just found out I am going to be on their March 29th show. Here is the link to Skycast Radio:


Edit: Radio show starts at 7 pm Pacific Standard Time (USA), not sure when I will be on.
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I did get played on Skycast Radio tonight! You can hear it ("Space Rocket to Mars!") at 45:43 (I'm the tenth band to get played in tonight's show) at this link:


You can skip ahead to 45:43 by clicking on the bars on the soundcloud player at that link. It will be at that link for 2 weeks, and then the show gets archived.
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