Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum, so please forgive me if I say smth totally dumb.
But I need your help, guys!

My equipment:
- Electric guitar (FenderStrat)
- Electric Bass (FenderAerodyne)
- Keyboard (Yamaha PSR S550)
- iPhone4s with Garage Band

My plan:
To make short multitrack (4-5 tracks) recordings using guitar, bass and keyboard (for drums and pad) in iPhone. Recordings will be used for playback and demo purposes (and perhaps for Sound Cloud uploading).

My question:
Which USB interface to buy?

I had in mind to go for Apogee 96k. I heard a lot of positive feedback, but also negative comments (about latency, for example). But I want have somethin really simply and user-friendly (I am no tech savvy).

I need your advice. Budget is EUR 100-170.
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