This is based on Paul Gilbert's Intense Rock 1. They are patterns from the major scale.

You play these patterns everyday and gradually increase the bpm in whatever method you wish.

See attached in GuitarPro.

Start as slowly as necessary to play a pattern correctly and add more patterns as you feel comfortable.
Play Faster Patterns.gp5
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Here's a method you could use with these patterns

1) Start slowly at half your top speed. If you can play the pattern correctly at 100 bpm, start at 50 bpm.

2) Practice the pattern the first day with a metronome at 50 bpm until you get tired or lose focus. This could be 5 - 10 minutes.

3) The next day increase the speed by 2 bpm to 57.

4) Keep increasing the bpm by 2 per day until your form begins to deteriorate. Be aware of when you start to lose it and go to step 5.

5) The next day drop the bpm by 10 and start climbing again.

6) Keep repeating this process until you reach your target speed.

7) Have patience and keep at it. Proficiency at one pattern does not mean proficiency at all patterns so you will have to use this method to increase your speed on different patterns you want to use. It therefore makes sense to have a limited number of shed runs you use.
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*Note: Ascending legato runs are played by alternating downstroke and then an upstroke on successive strings. Descending legato runs are played with an upstroke on the first note on each string.


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