Hey everyone,

I'm a guitar player who's used UG for years to develop my guitar skills through all the tabs available. Now is finally the day where I can post my first debut solo album to show for all the practice I've put in!

The title of my debut is Indivisible Devils , an indie release. I know what the first reaction is: an indie solo guitar album is the most boring sounding thing on the planet. I'll just settle for Passion & Warfare by Vai.... But I saw that coming! To make things interesting, I made it an "all stars" feature album (Roadrunner United, Slash, Santana) to diversify the songs on the record.

Basically, I called up all my friends from the underground punk, rock, and metal scene in Boston, and had them do guest vocals on every song. Each song has a different vocalist (or featured guitar solo, or drum solo). The album credits specifically can be found on the Bandcamp page.

I was the producer for the record of course as well as the performer of ALL the instruments on the record. I also recorded, mixed and mastered it myself (with the exception of a few needed studio visits)... I had to, because I was coordinating with so many people's schedules, I had to pick the most flexible way to create it.

It's a rock record with several metal undertones (and rap sometimes) with 80's shrapnel inspired guitar solos. I'd love to get input from you guys.

You can find all the details at nishadgeorge.bandcamp.com. The release itself will be available on iTunes, Spotify, and Googleplay tomorrow. If anyone wants a free download as well, feel free to ask! I can supply it. I just want the music to be heard, and for all these monster singers to be heard as well.


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