Hello, I am new to learning guitar, but been playing around on the guitar for a year..on and off. I try to play riffs of some songs and some sound ok, but some don't sound close. For example, i was trying to learn the opening to Yellow Leadbetter. And I stopped pretty much right away, cuz the sound didn't resemble anything close to how it sounds on the song.

Here is my set-up. its pretty beginner level. I own a Mustang 2 amp with a Les Paul epiphone studio guitar.

Are there certain guitars for certain types of songs?
First of all, welcome!

To answer your question, yes, different guitars tend to have different sounds suited for different styles. however this isn't your main problem, you might need to play around with your amp settings, particularly tone. If you want the Yellow Ledbetter sound though, I think the rhythm (and therefore the intro) was played on a Fender Stratocaster, which sounds very different to a Les Paul, especially if it has single-coil pickups.

EDIT: Here's an idea of Mike McCready's gear : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_McCready#Equipment
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Thanks for the welcome and reply.
I'm not looking to play sound for sound. Just something that will get me close to what it should sound like. I will play around with the Tone and see if that gets me closer.
well first of all, dial back the bass and crank up the treble a bit and maybe a little extra middle, a tiny, tiny bit of gain/drive/distortion probably wouldn't go amiss either.