karstaag666: thx! yes it's a great song to play live, a fan-favorite for sure!

aaron: Thanks man. The intro reminds me of Long Live Rock N Roll as well, I noticed that before too.
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The riff is cool man, I felt the tone was a bit too heavy for blues/hardrock IMO, maybe use a tone like Izzy's off Bad Obsession by Guns N Roses? the vocals are good, they fit perfectly. The guitarist nails to solo its awesome, great tune man the ending is nice too, a very polished mix and master too man, where did you have it done?
C4C?: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1672558
Awesome thx ! That's the Albatross tone man thats our twist, we like things heavy lol. But i can see ur point of view. I just felt the heavy tone suited this track. I record and mix/master all our stuff in my basement. Just a little home studio in a bedroom. The acoustics are actually pretty decent in there surprisingly.

Doing all the C4C's now
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