Hi mate, the intro to stickman kind of reminds me of early oasis! sounds great. not much bad things I can say about this track really apart from I would like to hear some vocals over it! and I think the drumming could be spiced up a little too I feel it has a good over all beat to the song but maybe a few more fills in there

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For the song eota I would recommend bringing in the drums a little bit earlier. Maybe just have them come in really quietly or just sprinkle in different parts throughout the song. (Or not I am not the best songwriter!) Other than that I think it sounded good!

For the song stickman I enjoyed the relaxed rhythm of the song and the guitar solo played on top. I liked how the solo wasn't crazy technical or too simple it was a nice in between that made listening to it enjoyable. I am curious as to what the lyrics are going to sound like over the top of this one (and the other song as well) so please post them again as soon as you add vocals!
And everything that once was
infinitely far
and unsayable is now
and right here in the room.

- Franz Wright
Nice acoustic sound, sits in the mix nicely. The crunch guitar also has a nice balance and nice space in the playing. Good work! I felt that when the drums came in, the guitars seemed to be a bit "behind" in the mix, I would've liked them to be a bit brighter. I can imagine this sound would sound killer with vocals!

Nice work!

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Hey man thx for the crit on my track.

Stickman: I liked the vibe of the song as soon as it started. Great acoustic gtr sound. The track gives me a big Alice in Chains feel. Must be one of ur influences? Nice sound from the rhythm section. The guitar leads could use alot of work. I heard many off notes. Good tone tho for the leads. Overall I enjoyed the song, interested in hearing how it'll sound with vocals.