Hey GG&A, I recently asked about a multitrack looper, but I thought I should also get a drum machine too, for playing post-rock and soundscapes/ambience music. I recently saw Mylets play live on youtube and he was doing some very cool things, and This Will Destroy You is a post-rock band that uses some Electronic drum sounds. Those are a couple inspirations for me.

I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for a drum machine and looper pedal, or a phrase looper, something like an Alesis SR-16, and a Boss RC-300, or a Korg looper of some sort. I don't know anything really about drum machines, and only a littlw bit about loopers. I have a TCE Ditto, but I'd like to upgrade to something more robust.

I'd like to spend no more than $300 a piece, and used is better.

Thanks guys.
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You need to record the drums into the looper or you won't be able to keep them in sync over multiple loops. You should be able to get a used drum machine for under $100. The G3 has a synced looper and rudimentary drum machine. The GNX4 has an 8 track recorder/looper that syncs to a full blown midi drum machine. It's not a very good multifx but perhaps you could just turn off all modeling and fx and use it strictly as a synced looper/drum machine with storage.
Look up Boss Dr. Rhythm, 660 and up, used. I have the 880 and it is a great drum machine, very versatile. Not sure how is it for live performance where you want to extend something, I usually program mine and you can do everything with it for.

The Alesis is OK but can't do tempo changes within a song which is a big no-no for me. Performance is good and you can buy a pedal and program two beats, A/B of every patch with two fills and do them with a switch, which might be better for performance but the lack of tempo change on a song program is a deal breaker for me.

The BEat Buddy is a new product that you might want to look into: