just bought my first G&L Guitar a 2007 ASAT deluxe with two Seymour Duncan pickups. The reviews I have read said G&Ls feel like you would expect Fender Custom Shop guitars to feel like and I have to say that's true. A high end guitar should feel so much better than a low end guitar and this does. I have recently bought Epiphones and Samicks and an Indonesian Fender, all really good but the G & L is in a different class. You get an amazing variety of tones from the pickups and the coil splits are the best I have heard. Genuinely good, not a compromise. Anyone else feel this way about G & L guitars? I am in the UK and they are not widely available here.
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Thanks for these ........ 12? That is commitment!

yep , and I'm just a rank ameture compared to those guy's .... lol
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yep .... got 12 of em

is any one of the 12 is a g&l superhawk ? because im thinking about getting one
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I've just played my whole current set on the ASAT Deluxe and could find a tone for everything on it. I could feel it resonating at one point. What a really great instrument, the guitar I've been searching for.....love it!
I really like my ASAT, very good value for the money.
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