Hello folks. A friend of mine invited me to play the guitar in his band. They do some kind of indie-rock-funk, mixing those genres.
I wonder if there's any song you cand recommend me. The major influence for the guys is De La Rivera, an Argentinian band that mixes those genres.
Thanks in advance. See ya soon!
1980s Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Minutemen
Pink Floyd gets pretty funky (the solo in Echoes)
Parliament OR Funkadelic (I prefer the latter, funk+psychedelic=funkadelic.)
James Brown
Check out Earth, Wind and Fire, Ohio Players, Average White Band (especially these guys), Commodores ("Brick House" is a funk staple), George Clinton/Parlimement-Funkadelic, and of course the master creator James Brown. Funk is a really easy thing on an individual basis (lots of 9th chords and very few guitar leads) but really hard to get as a feel or groove. To play good funk you need to be playing simple but perfect in sync with the band. Good funk music is all about a tight (very tight) bass guitar and drums and a lot of band practice.
Years ago I played in a funk band and it was a great experience and lots of fun but there was a learning curve because I had to learn how to listen better to the bass player and drummer and lock into what they were doing without cluttering up the sound. The band was really good but it was 8 pieces and we couldn't get enough work to keep it going. Too many guys to pay at the end of a night but I don't regret it at all. Coming from a strictly rock background it was a great experience.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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