After decades dreaming for this opportunity I will have the chance to hear Kathy talk specifically about two of my fave subjects, '60s swinging London and her boyfriend, Jimi, and ask questions when she makes a rare public appearance for the sole purpose of discussing those exciting times, people, and places. Why she's doing it this Thursday, in Honolulu, will be one of many questions I hope to get answers to and I want to make the most out of this unique chance.
Help me put together a questionaire for the ages, beyond the norm, that will tap into a resource we're lucky to still have around and willing to divulge meaningful information and facts that most never have the chance of discovering even after all this time. Jimi, we hardly knew ya! But Kathy knew him better than maybe anyone.
I'm making a list, once my mind calms down from the excitement I'll have plenty, but I want the best questions ready to go. What do you want to know?