SULPHUR SEAS, my bm band is releasing our first EP!!

Composed by four hymns of pure Sulphur plus an intro, Sulphur Seas is a quite different album to what we usually listen to from the Hispanic lands, with a gloomy but still powerful Black Metal of really direct sound, with few retouches and some progressive and schizophrenic elements, definitely a very high quality album as a really original purpose...
Recorded in the Autumn 2014 between Spain and France, voices and guitar lines were registered at Bulletproof Studios under the supervision of Daniel Patiño, who managed to create a really organic and dark sound rich of textures, meanwhile the talented Dim Obolenski registered the bass and programming lines in Sète, as well as the mixing and final mastering... the lyrics, sung in French, are focused into the sinister aspects of existence: death, illness, greed and lust...

TH3 G3Ar
- JCM 900 SL-X and SV MKII 100HD with LIne 6 sv412
-Bunch of pedals ( WD,BM,NR-2...)
-Ibanez Universe uv777pbk,Rg 2550&321mh