My guitar is a Hagstrom HIIN, and since about a month after I got it the strings (usually the high E string) kept breaking after even the slightest strum. The strings also break at the bridge if that's a good reminder.
How do I fix this?
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Bridge might be sharp, basically cutting the strings, not sure how you fix this but i'm sure google has the answer as it's a common problem on some guitar, check that first then if not check the tension, too much tension would snap a string randomly, it happened to me for a while until I did some minor adjustments to action/stop piece
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check the brdge saddle for burrs. this is the most common reason as the burr cuts into the string and eventually it breaks. they can be filed down.
Use a piece of 400 grit sand paper rolled/folded and sand the saddle a bit
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The most common cause is burrs on the saddles. I use either jeweler's files or Cratex to buff them smooth. Doesn't take a lot, and sometimes you can't even see a burr that can cause strings to break.


Look at the "Small Wheels" link. You can get those at hardware stores for Dremel tools. Use just the wheel, not the dremel, it will take too much material in a hurry. I like the grey green fine grit ones. Cratex will buff it nicely without leaving tool marks like a file will, and doesn't take much material off at a time. And the small dremel wheels are already formed to an angle edge that will work well on guitar saddles. Should only take a couple of minutes, you don't even have to remove the string, just loosen it and pull it to the side out of the way of the saddle.

I use the 1/2 inch sticks, sharpened to a point. I keep one in my gig kit all the time, it only takes a few minutes to fix a saddle.
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