Swimsuit issue,
Soft core porn? Or not?
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If the swimsuit issue is softcore porn...then what is their "body issue" (which is zero clothes) ?
It has the most beautiful woman on the world on it, so i don't care.
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

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Meh. Most of the times I've seen it brought up to the women who model in it that it's basically slightly-censored softcore, they always seem to respond that they enjoy it and have fun shooting it, and if they enjoy it, and the people who still don't understand the internet has better porn so still get off to it very clearly enjoy it, I don't see the issue.

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i like boobs n butts and ladies n stuff, but who still actually buys the swimsuit edition anymore? i can see all SI offers and more without having to leave my room or spend any money.

lol @ that John Oliver vid. nonchalant creepy perv shit on live TV.
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i didn't know this was still a thing

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Isn't softcore porn that stuff you see on tv at like 2 in the morning?

Swimsuit issue is definitely not that at least.
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Void is a wanker that's why

i'm glad it's still a thing sometimes you just gotta go old school

plus at least the people without access to the internet have something
I'd rather buy a penthouse for 7 bucks then SI, and that's only if I'm not gonna be near an electronic device for 2 or 3 weeks. And even then I find penthouse to be slightly too classy.
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Are those people in swim suits engaging in sex in the pictures? No. So it is not softcore porn.

Engaging in sex would be hardcore porn.

Uncensored nudity would be softcore porn.

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Engaging in sex would be hardcore porn.

Uncensored nudity would be softcore porn.

No. There are sex scenes where no penetration is shown. Thats softcore