Hey. This is my bands new single 'Volition' off the upcoming album 'Fire in the Hole'. I'd love for you to listen and to hear/read your criticism

Any questions about the recording/production of the song, fire away! I would love to hear your works, too
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hello. Not usually my type of music I listen to. no doubt you're shredding some great riffs in here that you can rock out to! This style of music that you're playing reminds of me break beat type of music like box car racer, with metal vocals and heavier riffs. from 2:13 I think you could work on that melody and make it catchier as I find that the weakest part of the song but the rest is great. You have good vocals that suit this heavier style of music your vocals remind me of Rise Against vocals!

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Gotta say I dig the energy in the song. I can imagine the song would great live because it would help get the crowd going. One part that I didn't particularly enjoy is the change up at ~3min. I think I would rather hear the guitar solo that started at ~2:45 to go on longer and then flow into ~3:13. Other than that I think it is sounds good and I would like to see a live version of it.
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vox were decent. with the style the band is edging on i'd consider seeking classical training (or at least private lessons with someone with classical training). not bad, by any means, but definitely a lot of room for improvement.

i liked the song though - good balance of leads and rhythm, tasteful solo. kinda bouncing between deathcore/power metal at times, in a good way (i'm not a big fan of the 'core' genres). yeah, smart, interesting music.
by the way, i stole this riff.

I liked your track, very well thought through in terms of arrangement and the progression of the song. You developed parts well and I liked how vocal harmonies were layered. As graze said, kind of a dither/power metal sound which was cool to hear, very different.

The production style kind of reminded me of the 80s thrash scene in parts, which is cool. The only point i'd make is the instruments were very 'dry' and upfront in terms of where they sat in the mix whereas the vocals were 'wetter' and were set far back, it'd be cool to hear the vocals abit further forward but, that being said, it still worked well and the overall mix balance was good. Everything was clear and had it's own space.

Really interest listen and good song!

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Cheers, M
Starts off pretty high energy, and goes into the main groove at just the right point. Man, these riffs are pretty cool. This isn't my usual style of metal... This almost has a... late 90s, early 00's feel to it. The vocals specifically. The guitars are also surprisingly technical, I didn't expect that.

I'm not sure about 2:03. I didn't like that bit.

oh man, the breakdown at 3:09. Are you sure about that part?

The progression at 3:14 is pretty interesting, and it's a sick key change at 3:28 or whatever.

Wait what the ****, 3:14 is the same thing as 2:03. I guess I DO like that part lmfao. Guess i just had to get used to it.

overall it's pretty good, an interesting mix of styles. I'd rethink that breakdown, and I have no idea how I feel about 2:03/3:14 anymore, but it's probably acceptable
thanks for the crit man! I like the beginning of your song..almost sounds like a machine gun with those fast notes. very nice recording! the lyrics are cool..and the vocals are very good too. one of the best songs I have heard on here laitley..almost sounds like it could be on the radio..really nothing negative to say man, I like it!
Not my type of music, The guitar tone is sick very well done. I think the vocals are often, a bit like Corey Taylor clean vocals for Stone Sour. I must say all the changes such as filters on the guitar and panning and stop starts I was never bored listening to this song. Great job man, mix is well done, maybe the bass could be a tad higher? but thats just personal preference.
Thanks for the crit btw.
Thanks for the crit on my song!

Very cool tones! The guitar tone is an excellent mix of a metal/rock tone. Great songwriting and composition. I really dig the transitions between riffs, especially the triplet feel off beat rhythms. The vocals sound okay to me, but I feel like they could use some more power. Some better mixing could probably take care of that though. Overall really well done man, I like it! Keep doing what you're doing.
Love how crisp the drums are. They punch right through the mix nicely. Lead vocals are well-done, but the group vox (:38) seemed somewhat weak to me. Diggin' the guitar riffs. Good energy throughout the entire track. Bass has a nice driving thumpy sound, but not too present in the mix; maybe turn it up a bit. Really like the solo's tone; just the right amount of reverb backing it. Catchy vocal melodies. Reminds me a bit of Caligula's Horse. Good stuff, man!