Does anyone know a good way of easily building a website for, um, well, free? I'm helping my mum make a site for her small business - I'm relatively OK with messing around with HTML and doing it all from scratch, then getting it hosted for free on neocities, but my mum is not so good with codey stuff and would much rather drag and drop and not have to deal with any scary html. Lots of "build-your-own-website" platforms like wordpress and squarespace and wix and weebly (etc etc) have editors that are really user friendly, but then you have to pay a crazy monthly fee to have it hosted with them too - does anybody know if there's a nice user-friendly site builder that you can use for free? Please?

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I would suggest to try Joomla CMS. (http://www.joomla.de/)
Its very similar to wordpress and pretty easy to use even if you can't code and there are tons of free templates around so basicly all you have to do is to fill content into a WYSIWYG-Editor.
However you can do nice things with a little knowledge in css,html and php like customizing an existing template and stuff.
Awesome ideas, cheers guys - i had a go with kompozer but i think my mum would struggle with it - i'll have a quick whack a joomla and see

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Does it have to be for free? Think you can get a website with good tools to build it for like 10 euros per months.

Also there is a wikihow on the subject.
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How small is her business? Unless it's only a not so serious thing that's one step above using craigslist or etsy, it might be worth it for her to pay a small fee to have someone make one for her. I'm sure it's not hard to find some computer programmer or graphic designer or someone who would be willing to make a decent one for a small fee or even free so they can add it to their resume.