Hello. In this tutorial video, i exactly did the same thing but Ada and G-System don't see each other.

I really don't want to sell G-System but i can't solve this problem...

1) G-System Midi Out to ----> Ada Mp-1 Midi-in
2) I activated MIDI map options in G-System (watched video)
3) They don't see each other's presets.

Ada's and G-Systems should work together at the same time...

Can you please help me ? Thank you.
Note: My amp has fx loops if that helps...
Maybe you should set it to broadcast on all midi channels, I think it was called OMNI mode, then it should trigger something on the ADA.

Get the ADA manual if you can and see what you'd have to map to/how to receive midi commands.
Do you have them both on the same MIDI channel?
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Hello, thank you for your messages. Yes they are on both same midi channel 1.

I think i am doing something wrong with cable method.

Guitar - G-System Input
G-System MIDI out - Ada Mp-1 MIDI in
Ada Mp-1 Send --- G-System Insert Return
Ada Mp-1 outputs --- G-System L+R outputs

LOL i am trying everything, nothing is working help me please, last 8 hours before selling i really don't want to sell this g-system its nice...
Try to see the ADA switches, don't worry about the sounds. So guitar into ADA, ADA output to amp, use the G-System just as a switch for starters. If that works the correct way to connect it
would be:
Guitar - G-System Input > G-System Loop1 send > ADA input > Ada output >G-System Insert Loop1 return

Just think of the ADA as a distortion pedal.

Here is a link to ADA's manual, look up chapter 5 Self Diagnostics, maybe it'll tell you what's wrong.


I have an MP-1 and honestly any switch that I've put in it (original, Yamaha, another ADA footswitch) have all worked fine with no changes. Maybe you need to do some extra one to one midi mapping, as outlined in Ch.4 in ADA's manual.

MIDI on ADA says it can also be assigned to OMNI (Ch. 7.0), maybe set both to TC and ADA to OMNI and try again if specific channels don't work.
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Dear @Diabolical and Dear @Cathbard thank you very much for your help.
I tried this helpful connection method but again it didn't work. I sold G-System today and problems are over lol. Have a nice day.