Looking to buy my first bass amp. The options are:
Fender Rumble 200, Ampeg BA-115 V2, TC BG250 115.

Will be used mainly in the bedroom.

Which of these delivers the warmest, well balanced tone, for playing the likes of: The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Cream, Zeppelin, blues and rock in general.

Or are there any others within a similar price bracket you recommend. Cheers.
I would say the Ampeg. I recently went through the same issue and got a Rumble, and my friend got the Ampeg, the Ampeg sounds much better.
I have a BA-115. They are well made and of good quality. I have noticed though if your turn up the treble above 7 it makes a buzzing noise. I would recommend if for its tone though
I want '61 Jazz Bass!
I went for the TC 15" combo, a lot lighter than the Ampeg if I did need to take it somewhere and £100 cheaper. I think it'll be more than adequate for a starter amp. I'll let you know how it sounds
I just got the BA115. Great sound and I can easily hear my bass over the drummer. If it's just for bedroom/practice you may want to check out Ampeg Ba 112 or 110.