6 weeks into learning the guitar and I finally learned my first cover by ear! I'm so happy Though it's nothing complicated it's still a freakin' awesome piece by Yasuharu Takanashi,the composer behind the Fairy Tail music and various other anime shows.

I'll have to apologize for the shitty quality on the music,you would think I played with a fork and the recordng equipment were a brick. And I'm actually still not happy with the recording alltogether,can still improve my accuracy more as well as that rythm chugging part at the beginning and do a better job on those pinch harmonics at 00:52 and especially the one at the end But everything considered I'm still better than when I first played it yesterday lol. Tell me what you think!

Link to the cover: https://soundcloud.com/odd-j-rgen-h-ib/against-magicerza-scarlets-second-theme-cover
Link to the song I covered: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2PXA-c4Kug

I'm not sure if I should critique other peoples works with the little experience I have so don't get offended when I won't critique back haha