just getting everyone's thoughts on this would be awesome and I'd really appreciate it. Vocals are going down tomorrow and I'll update this as needed!
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From a production standpoint it sounded good to me and everything was mixed well. While I enjoyed the whole thing my favorite part was at ~30 second when it eases back a bit and builds up because it was done in a great way. I can't think of anything I could say to improve the song but I am very curious as to how the vocals are going to sound.

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From first listen the riffs/build up in the start are great, but I feel the bass part has too many long notes. Try some octaves or 5ths in the bass instead of just having one very long note?

The clean guitar interludes are awesome. Great chorus section! Big chords with melodic lead line sounds great. Also the 2nd verse is really cool, bass and drums lock in nicely, but again I feel the bass line is a bit monotonous? (Pick on bassist day, maybe? :p )

But it sounds really promising! Keep up the good work
C4C https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=33304332#post33304332

Really enjoyed your track, the chorus was catchy and I look forward to hearing it with vocals which could really take the song to another level.

I like the sound you had for the snare and toms. Particularly the reverb tail on the snare. In terms of the lead lines I thought they could do with abit more of there own space in the mix, maybe add a tempo matched delay or a slight reverb to make them tonally different to the rhythm guitar. Also either automating the rhythm guitar volume during lead line or automating a cut in the rhythm guitar EQ between 2-4khz will create more room for the mids. This region is also were vocal frequencies lie so when you layer them on it'll give vocals more room aswell.

Enjoyed your track. Looking forward to hearing it with vocals!

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thanks for the crit man! this sounds great man! very clean?good production. the progressions are all cool and fit nicely. would love to hear this with vocals! nice job man!
Thanks for the crit on my song!

Listening now, but on laptop speakers. I'm really digging it so far, reminds me a lot of Chevelle. I think the drums could use some work in terms of mixing, the kick sounds kind of flat. The lead guitar tone could also use a little work, sounds very digital to me. Overall the composition and song writing is excellent. I dig your use of tone changes, when it goes from distorted and heavy to a clean tone. Great job man!