Hi I have question how can a metal singer do like 10 shows in a row? 1 hour+ each? I can't sing properly after day 3... My songs are in various ranges thou... Some are low some are high so I must control like 4 octaves all the time. I tried to do my high songs first and then go lower with each song but with every day it's getting harder... For the high songs thou. When I'm at day 1/2 it just the opposite my lows lacking but I can manage do control that situation it's way harder when all the range is stepping like 1 half step down (musically speaking).
***I use raspy style voice non of the screamo stuff.... Think hetfield + dickinson.

Also extra question is it alright to take out a song of the setlist which you agreed to perform and replace it with something else if you know for sure that you won't be able to sing that high chorus - in the middle of the show?

Extra question #2: any vocal coaches worth checking out at London that can give advice for singing rock/metal?
And don't say any vocal coach I am not a beginner and used to do vocal training the guy was from opera background I learned some stuff but opera isn't rock/metal all what they are teaching is how to sing "properly" but I know how to sing properly I want to sing with distortion 1-2 hours for multiple days in a row without losing my voice...

Lots of questions so any help would be appreciated.

I'm drinking my water + I'm doing my warmups + Not smoking not drinking Not eating/drinking any dairy apart from protein shakes. I'm almost a saint...
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Well you need to have proper tecnnique to do vocal distortion without ill effects. You should check out the screaming and growling thread, there was a discussion about that on the last few pages.

That being said, even just singing every day will put stress on your voice. You say you are an advance singer, and want a rock teacher, but the basis for a good rock voice is a good foundation in "normal" singing. Support, posture, vowels, correct breathing, using your diaphragm, all those things are important in normal singing, and even more in screaming and distorting your voice.

So basicly, you may be lacking the basics, and thats why you get worse after a few shows, or you may just not be distorting your voice the correct way. Maybe even both. Anyway, at least check out the screaming thread.
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