Greetings from the USA! I was happy to get my first positive review (from you) from someone currently living in Russia! Listening to Song #1: sounds pretty good! Some good vocals would definitely help. It got my head moving, so that's a good sign. Song #2: starts out somewhat slow and moody, and then gets better energy going later on. Nice lead guitar! "The End of War" (watching video): the higher pitch distorted guitars are a bit ear-piercing for me, but I'm sensitive to that. All the songs have some good guitar riffs in them. Send me a private message if you want to tell me your thoughts about what is going on in Ukraine. I will be respectful of your opinion, regardless of how you feel. Cheers!
aaron aardvark,
thank you for you review. I will try make it better and record a vocal part for song #1 and #2

About Ukraine, I don't know what exactly is going)