Yet another orchestral piece. Writing it is a lot of fun but... It's a lot of instruments to manage. Plus I don't know the ranges of all the instruments, so when a VST won't play notes that I've inserted, I either have to change the melody or change the instrument. Gets annoying but it's pretty worth it I'd say.

This one starts off a little innocuous, generic even, but it gets better, I promise. This is one of my more blatantly uplifting pieces.

C4C, hope you enjoy

This tune took me straight to an old school Final Fantasy or any kind of JRPG Well done!

God job on setting a strong, recurring motif. The verse kind of things in between are a great contrast dynamically with awesome harmonic ideas, with the main theme being a strong "chorus" type of thing.

Overall very good songwriting and good job on setting a JRPG kind of vibe, for me anyways

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Hey, this is bright in sound and has some really nice element's in it. would be great for a video game of course I think this would be great for a city area in a RPG game like Hyrule in Zelda! Keep making music like this dude, hopefully some game company will see your potential and have your music in there games!

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Very attention-grabbing intro, the bright horns really make that section.

The part with the pizzicato strings and call-and-answer thing going on with the bassline was very interesting.

I really like the change-up around :54, it did a lot to keep this from getting repetitive.

I like the complexity of the section at 1:23.

Overall, I really like this. You mention that it's a lot of instruments to write for, but keep in mind that several orchestral instruments together sometimes just add up to one guitar chord/lick. Thinking of it that way can be really helpful sometimes.

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