Hi, I was just curious as to how most people come up with their riffs? Do you sort out in your hand what you want it to sound like, or do you just play around and see what happens? Thanks
. Moments. I think maybe lines 4 - 15 or so where you're describing these things goes on a bit too long. The poem itself sprawls out in description after the climb down the tree, which I like in a way because that must be like the experience itself but it could be imposing in some of the longest lines.
Seen an interview from this dude who used to play in As I Lay Dying and he said it's a little of both. He would just play around and then a nice sounding riff would pop into his head and he'd try to play what he just thought of.

In another interview the lead guitarist for Slayer said that when he's working on an album he doesn't listen to anything but old school thrash, 'cause if he listens to anything else he'll have that influence how he comes up with riffs in the composing process.
I tend to have an idea of a riff or a spark from a smaller part which i then try to figure out what was in my head. Sometimes its a good idea to hum a riff into your phone/a recorder to catalogue it and then you can come back to it later. The thing I've found is that you can't really force songwriting or riff writing sometimes you can sit down for hours and come up with nothing or sit down for 10 minutes and have 5 ideas.