Alright then, So recently I went to a concert and found a really cool and beautiful song that I really really want to play on my acoustic guitar. The only problem with this is, There is literally nothing i have been able to find about how to play this song the correct way. It's called "Not Right Now" by Jason Gray. I've been working on figuring it out for a while now, and I have made basically no progress. So I figured I would reach out into the forums and see if anybody would be able to help me out with this thing. It's a finger-style song, and it might be in an alternate tuning but im not sure. Anyways, there are a few videos on Youtube of him playing the song, and I feel like my best bet right now is going through and figuring it out from those. I've linked a couple of these videos here, and there are actually quite a few others from various view points. Thank you to anyone and everyone who is willing to try and help me out with this! Song Video Official Song Video
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hey, just a heads-up: you might want to post this in another part of the forum (Tab Talk, I think?). typically these sorts of posts don't get much attention here in the pit.

good luck.

That's all I could be arsed to do, sorry

Tempo might be off on the guitar pro file, I couldnt be bothered to get it perfect
song or wtevz.gp5
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