Yooo. Ugh I never know what to write here.

It starts off a bit generic but hopefully I succeeded in remedying that later on. I'd like to think that the 'genericness' in the beginning could be interpreted as 'innocence', which kind of fits with the theme of the song.

i've got an mp3 version here as well if you're interested:


it has all the VSTs and whatnot applied to it. That alone takes a lot of work, usually, but this time it went pretty smoothly (maybe because I'm just getting more used to it by now).

I used crazy tunings in the original GP file because I had to write within the ranges for the instruments. Despite this, the VSTs still often didn't agree with me and would cut off certain notes, forcing me to change the instrument used. There are a lot more instruments present in the mp3 version.

Anyways, enjoy It's C4C too.
Childhood's Kingdom.gp5
Childhood's Kingdom - all in standard tuning.gp5