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In need of a simple answer.

Can someone post a link to a lifetime one-off payment page that will cover everything under the UG site. Mobile app, tab pro access cross platform, complete Web service unlock.

As with many other users, I've read so many conflicting posts about all this. I'm asking for one simple payment to unlock everything for life, no subscriptions, and an introductory offer would be ideal, considering the site and apps are littered with these offers.

The community and UG would benefit from some clarity on the whole situation, imo.

Rather than a new thread I thought you could also answer this, UG support please can you resolve an "awaiting email confirmation" issue, I've confirmed the email and now the original confirmation link is dead, can you resend the email or remove the statement from below my username, I have followed your procedure and it's bugging me!
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Don't know if this is what you are looking for, but when I joined I just clicked on the Tab Pro button, it took me to a page where I bought a lifetime subscription for $39.95. All I use it for is tab, don't know if the other stuff you want exists, sorry.

Thanks Tobus, that adds a little clarity. The main thing I'm getting at is not having various different subscriptions, just one for all. I go to the app and it's 50% off, I go to the website and its 70% off. But neither fully explain what you get or how to use any of it. Even a link to a page that simply outlines each and every possible way to subscribe or pay, which is up to date with all of UG'S services to date.
Having problem paying for the premium. It just says that I don't have money on my account. Maybe it's a problem with my bank, but it looks fine. Anyone that has the same issue?
Dreadnought Hey, I have paid for the lifetime sign up but when I click on a Pro link, it takes me back to the purchase page. Help please?
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Hello there. hope everyone having a good time. I would like to know if there is any specific thread available for acoustic guitarist?
Every time I try to listen to a sampling (guy holding a guitar with a "play" button over him) a window comes up that tells me my account has not yet been activated. So then it tells me to click on a button to re-send the activation email. How many times do you think is reasonable for me to press this button? Once? Twice? Thirty times? Doesn't seem to matter. I ain't gettin no email. You have made it so that I cannot contact you to ask this question directly. Is this the first day of a long, beautiful relationship, or the last of a one day fling?
Hello All

As a new user I apologize in advance if this topic has been covered in the past but I'm wondering if there are printer ready versions of the Tab and more specifically, the Chord charts that are available on UG?

as a new learner I find it very helpful to have the chord fingerings showing as I work my way through a song. But I've notice that even if I check 'display chords' and then try to print the chords do not show.

Am I missing something ?

Thanks for the help
Hi I'm new and hope this is as good as it seems as ive just paid lifetime and will be pset if ive wasted my money especially as a starving artist but where and how do I find cords and lyrics? I can just find tabs now
Help, the tabs bring up your selected songs, adjust to your key. Then at the bottom it shows a player that will play the song while your chording. I ordered the lifetime subscription. But the recorder is not visible but I have a guitar showing strings, what happened to the original way. That is why I liked it. Now cancelled?
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Hello, i could use some help with tab pro printing.
When i click print and view the the preview copy of the tab, hammer on, pull off and slide indicators doesn't show up and when i print the same thing happens. I dont get the hammer ons, pull offs and slides printed on paper?
What are the commercials that suddenly blast out of my headphones when I'm on I pay for the app, and although I don't pay for access to the site, should I still be blasted with ads?