I have 30 year old semi-hollow that is in great condition, but I'd like it to be perfect. I'm trying to learn to DIY guitar maintenance, so I don't want to just take it to a luthier if I can diagnose & fix an issue myself.

Anyway, there's no fret buzz or rattle anywhere except a slight rattle on the G string. Note, in my opinion there's a difference between the sound of a buzz and a rattle, and this is more of a rattle to me. It's present whether the string is open or fretted, so that leads me to think it's a bridge-side issue. The string is not touching another fret. I kind of have an idea what to do if the rattle is coming from a tuner, the nut, or another fret. But now that I've sort of "chased" the noise further toward the bridge, I'm scratching my head. I mean, the string does not touch anything till it goes over the saddles, then to the fixed bridge. The set up is pretty similar to a Gibson 335. The particular saddle that this string crosses over does not seem loose to me in any way.

What other suspects are there for a rattle coming from one particular string? Like, I have thought if there's a loose screw or piece of metal or something within the body of the guitar, or in the pickup cavity or with the pickup covers or something...but why would it just rattle when I play the G string? So that brings me back to thinking it must be somewhere along the G string...

You know, I've only been playing a few years, have played around on dozens of guitars in that time, and I seem to ALWAYS have an issue with the G string giving off unwanted "extra" noise, whether you call it rattle or buzz or whatever, it just always seems squirrely IME. So is there just something about the G string -- the particular weight of it or something -- that creates extra noises? Would a wound G string help address that?

Any advice appreciated.

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It might be that the G string sets up a resonant frequency that causes something to move a little, my first guess is a wire, second is pick guard, then on to loose switch, loose pot, strap peg, pickup vibrating against guitar body...hard to chase down. Try picking that string while pressing on everything that could possibly move. I have some occasional minor rattles in my Cort CL1500 hollow body. Gotta be something inside, I've checked everything I can press in the outside...Fortunately it doesn't come through the amp, so playing it onstage or for practice is like the rattle is not even there. My best guess with my guitar is a wire buzzing against the body.
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I've had this issue with a guitar before...The G is a pain in the ass for some reason. Although it's not ideal, I put a slightly fatter gauge G on and it made a difference.
Is the rattling coming from the neck? if so it might be one of the machine-heads
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In my experience rattles have usually been tuning pegs. Some may be loose because the tunings don't match the correct string gague so there is not enough tension to keep things taught.

It's also been the pickup toggle switch (they can wobble back and forth and create a racket, esp Tele style blade ones), a broken truss rod rattling in the neck, nut string slot cut too low on that string, a gouge in the fret, a raised fret, body cavity springs and another biggie is a Les Paul style pick guard.
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