Alright GB&C, It's been a long while since I've been here. I have this question that may seem like it's SUPPOSED to happen with the thing in question but I know it's not- at least hopefully.

I have a Devi-Ever Hyperion (Anime picture version with a battery adapter inside, if that's any help) and well, when ever I fiddle with settings on it, I get noise and feedback- much like if I were to fiddle with settings on my Fuzz Factory with the Gate knob turned off or way down. I can make a short video if someone needs, but it's getting really aggravating because it's...NOISY. it wasn't always like this either, it's a fairly recent occurrence. I'm not sure if it's just my guitar/amp combination either but the sustain seems to be...not there, both on my Talman and my other guitar with a swamp ash body.

Does anyone know what might be the cause of something like this? I haven't ever fiddled with any wiring inside of it so I'm not sure what might be causing something like this.
Could you open it up and see if anything looks amiss? Might be a loose/bad ground connection as this circuit does oscillate with resistance between the board and ground (that's what the extra knob on the three knob version does). Could also be a bad transistor, or maybe something to do with bias if there's no sustain, though I think it is a bit spluttery at some settings from the demos I've heard.

This is a really simple circuit so it shouldn't be too hard to find the problem. I don't own one yet but I'm planning on building one.
Yeah I just opened it and everything seems fine. It's really odd though, the two small circut boards that are wired are wrapped in electrical tape (Like she used to do I assume) so I'm not sure if anything could have disturbed those. Also it'll change oscillating frequencies if I tap on the housing which made me think it's a grounding error, but I have no idea on exactly how, since none of the wires look out of place or anything. I Don't mind the oscillation if I could control it, but it's getting frustrating having a loud zipping/oscillating sound when I'm trying to tweak settings on it just a tiny bit
Check the jack sockets are done up tightly, for ground connection to the chassis (assuming they're uninsulated), then I'd be looking at reflowing every solder joint i could get to, check continuity across the pots while moving the wiper.

If none of those help you're gonna have to pull off all that tape unfortunately.

(I think devi has a UG account so maybe she'll drop in and help)