Hey man. right from the start this kicks of with power and a nice beat! What stands out to me most in this track is the vocals they are really good and stand out well, they produce a nice melody that sits great with the leads and progressions. What I found hard about this song is that it changes so much, its like it travels through different genres, normally this wouldn't work for me but I find because the vocals are unique for this type of music it all works in a crazy way I think your chorus could be made bigger with some backing vocals!

C4C mine here dude! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=33307187#post33307187
Thx for listening to my track Evil Woman !

Holt's Lament: Interesting tune man. My favorite part is the mid section with that almost mexican guitar solo, was a cool touch. The vocals are good too! One thing that can be improved is the timing. Certain parts arent very tight, the drums and the guitar dont fit as well as together as they should. Overall, I ended up enjoying the track quite a bit !
I dig the idea of a solid rhythm with a cool sweep pattern on top. Nice work! Very melodic, I enjoy the bass work too! Vocals are good, kinda remind me of a lower pitched version of the current Dragonforce vocalist Marc Hudson. Good riffs in the instrumentals. Love the acoustic section! Sounds quite Latin-influenced

Overall really nice work, looking forward to seeing what you guys do next!
Thanks for the comment on my post man.

Listening to your track now.
Reminds me of a mix between Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath but then goes into this almost funky/latina groove (probably the worst way to describe it ever!).

Interesting mix, worked well together which was surprisingly cool. Keep it up man!
Thank you for the review! Now your tune: the intro was a bit jarring (the first time I heard it), but I think the song got better after that. Maybe I would have had the intro less intense (and build up from there), but that's just me. I like select lead guitar tones (perhaps the settings were always the same and just worked best for me within a certain note range), and the clean guitar tones best. Drums & vocals are good also. Overall a good song.
Thanks for the crit on my song!

Overall, very cool song man. I like the mexican style solo in the middle, along with the lead solo that follows. Good job!
I am not sure what it is about the drums - they are mostly on time - but for me, they seem to undermine the songs. The simple and fun formula works well with you guys, and its obvious you have fun with it. But I suggest getting that drummer to really work on carrying the song on his shoulders the way a solid drummer is supposed to do. And the lead guitarist would do such a great job if he learned how to do more with less. Keep up the fun music man. Peace and love bro