So about 2 weeks ago the UPS guy dropped off a package and I was eagerly awaiting my bronze BC Rich warlock to match my Marshall MG, but I opened it and got this POS instead!

WTF is an ESP!? Sounds like a disease. Probably one that gives you GAS

OFR and a Duncan JB! What is this world coming to?

ESP custom guitars? Only customs I play are Devries.

I can't play Br0otz on a bolt on neck! That's for Fenders and grandpas

Family shot. The ESP is adopted though.

So I managed to save this guitar from death after buying it from a guy who was about to throw it away. Paid 600$ for it and it needed some TLC.
Body: Alder
Neck: Maple
Bridge: OFR
Pups: Duncan JB, ESP "hotrails" single coil
Scale: 25.5

Review: Initially when I recieved the guitar it needed a set up badly. Once i got it playing though it blew me away at how smoothly it played. The action is nice and low and the neck is thin and wider compared to my other guitars but comfortable none the less.

Originally it came with the stock ESP humbucker but found it way too ice pick like through my rig. So I swapped it out for a JB i had lying around and the difference is day/night. The distortion is now much smoother and the harmonics just ring out. Great for what I wanted it for which was that classic 80s metal tone.

Quality wise once I managed to get everything cleaned up and set up the guitar felt solidly built. It's an ESP of course. Compared to my LTD M-2 from the same era, the build quality and craftsmanship ESP is known for really shines on this guiar. As compared to my Gibsons, this one feels like a tank compared to them, even the Les Paul.

Now I should probably put the guitar down and get back to work, but the GAS for more 90s ESPs is rising.
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gotta watch out, definitely don't want to catch ESP GAS.

HNGD man, nice score.
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You play Devries and Bronze Warlocks, and you've made the next logical step of buying an ESP from Rarelectricguitars!

Good job.
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ESP's are great guitars. I love mine <3
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ESP custom guitars? Only customs I play are Devries.


HNGD, and many shreddy days to you!
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That will make a sweet '80s Metal machine with the classic HS config.

It looks like the saddles have been switched out from the originals, and looks like the e & g are broken where the string lock bolts go. Maybe they put some zinc saddles on it from a cheap no name FR they had?

The saddles are cracked sadly, but i got replacements coming in the next few weeks.
ESP E-II Horizon FR
Gibson Flying V HET SET
ESP Eclipse II FM JB/Jazz
ESP M-II Deluxe EMG 81/SA
Marshall JCM2000 DSL/ JCM800 1960a cab
Mesa Mark V 25
would like to see the face of the guy who got the box with the Bronze and the MG

seriously though that is a sweet looking guitar enjoy
HNGD. i must give you a . ESP's are pretty nice guitars. good deal on it too.

now you can move up a class, and rename yourself espguy27
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