As the title says, I made this song based off of the first paragraph of call of cthulhu.

Cursed with ignorance of the undeniable unknown,
Our stupidity is unrightfully condoned
Stuck in a placid sea, not meant to voyage far,
Confined inside our skulls, shielded from the bizarre

Is it our mercy or is it our doom?

Our strongest minds will seek to ease our suffering,
Little do they know they will be our wrathful undoing
A terrible vista of reality will spark
By then it'll be too late to bring us out of the dark

Piecing together what we were not meant to know

Alien revelations will bring us our demise
Insanity paired with hell raining from the skies
Or perhaps well find peace just when everything turns grey
Only to find another horror standing in our way

Salutations to the universe, say goodbye.