Okay this is my first thread so I don't know how all of this works, but I just need some advice from someone who really have been in the guitar world for quite some time now. Sorry for the long details. I started playing guitar half a year ago, I bought an electric because I liked metal music, and I just wanted to play metal so I grabbed the Troy Stetina Metal Rhythm Guitar Volume 1 and started playing. I went through almost half the book when I noticed that I lack knowledge of the basics, so I attended a music school just to learn what I'm dealing with, but I dropped out after 2 months because the teacher wasn't that good and in my country music schools are expensive, plus he taught me staff notes which I didn't need (I think tabs are all I need right now to read and write music), and I didn't feel I'm getting any better at all. Then I found that playing classic music is enjoyable and is the best way to start. So I started practicing songs that caught my ear on the UG app, and I grabbed a chord book and learned all the major open chords. But I don't feel like I'm going anywhere, my goal now is to become an intermediate acoustic guitar player (barre chords, a little finger style, being able to transform songs to chords, being able to write my own songs, being able to improvise some good riffs and so on...) and then I can start with more complicated stuff like electric lead guitar, soloing, percussive guitar and so on, and I just need someone with experience to tell me what I need to do exactly, because I'm losing motivation and it really is important for me to become a great player, I'm so sorry for telling the story of my life here, but I'm really lost and I have no one to go to. Thank you in advance for your time.
I suggest concentrating in one area.

It sounds like you really like acoustic guitar so that's probably it.

There are instructionals on the internet about fingerstyle and many books available.

The process would be to learn one song after another and build up a repertoire of songs you can play well. I wouldn't worry about all the incidentals involved. Just learn songs and there are many books with tabs you can learn from.

That is my suggestion. Focus on one thing. You can't be good at everything. There just isn't enough time in the day.

By learning songs you will get the technique you need as you go. The thing with practicing all the technique stuff is not that it is not good. It is. But at the end of the day you want to play music and that is what you do when you play complete songs.

Any technique practice should be kept to a minimum.

So get a songbook, put your blinders on and learn those songs. Forget everything else for the time being. Stay on course and don't go off on tangents.
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justinguitar has a beginner and intermediate course which are pretty good, in a pretty logical/useful order and free (though he accepts donations). it's on his website.
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Hi hsensh98,

Great advice Virgman by the way!

So first decide exacly what you want, find out what do you need to know to be that, Once you know in detail, ask people what do you need to know to get there. The most focus you are the faster progress you'll make.

So what it is you want?

There's a lot of stuff out there, I encourage you to look at different styles, and find out if they're are stuff you haven't tried or heard of that you might want to pursue.

Which skills do you need to be a metal lead guitarist?
What skills do you need to be a songwriter?

Once you know what you want exacly you can break things down like that, and avoid wasting time in meaningless endeavors.

Good Teacher will help improve faster.

Good luck,

Thank you so much for your help guys I appreciate it, I'll try to find what do I exactly need to play the styles that interest me and start working on it.